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What is Quick Step Marketing?

Quick Step Marketing is a marketing and promotional service, used by local businesses worldwide, like restaurants, salons, coffee shops and retail shops to generate extra sales and engage with customers. Quick Step keeps track of your customers, rewards their loyalty, sends engaging coupons, special offers, and discounts to customer cell phones that keep them coming back!

What can I expect from Quick Step Marketing?

On average, Quick Step customers make an extra $400-500 per month. Top customers generate an extra $4,000-5,000 per month. Using Quick Step improves customer engagement, rewards loyalty and promotes to your customers – resulting in extra sales each month.

What does Quick Step Marketing do?

  • Helps you to grow a private list of customers that you can manage and contact.
    Note: Your customer list (e.g. “list”) is a valuable asset that becomes increasingly more valuable as it grows. The customers you import/sign up are private and belong to you alone.
  • Creates a loyalty program (with customer-cards) for your business, rewarding customers every time they shop.
  • Helps you to promote to customers by sending coupons and special-offers via SMS which helps you to generate sales even when customers are not in your store (or when it is closed).

Is Quick Step hard to use?

Quick Step is “turn-key”, meaning it’s easy to configure and only takes a few minutes. We provide step-by-step instructions to guide you through the process. We also provide live support should you require additional assistance. You’ll only need to invest a few minutes every week to create promotions, check your reports and optimize your customer’s engagements.

Do I need to enter my credit card details to sign up?

No. You can sign up and use Quick Step for a trial period without entering your credit card details. If you select a paid plan, at the end of your trial, or when you decide to launch your store, you will need to enter your credit card details.

Who owns the data I collect with Quick Step?

You and only you.
We do not access, share or sell your data to anyone else. It is kept secure and only accessible to you.

Can I get support?

In addition to our easy-to-follow training tutorials and videos, you may submit questions via the dashboard area for on-demand text support.
Your paid membership also includes a welcome call AND a monthly call with our support team. These support calls will help you to increase the success of your promotions, and increase your sales!